Harriet Millar by Studio Home ART HOUSE

About Harry

Christchurch artist Harriet Millar only returned to her love of painting recently after successfully outsourcing her five children to school. Preferring to work in acrylic after learning the hard way that children like to borrow her paints and painting the furniture and walls with oils is not conducive to a peaceful family life.

Hugely inspired by the magic of New Zealand landscape, Harriet's interpretations involve substantial layering of paint with thick loose brushstrokes and hints of unexpected colour. 
Recently she has begun a collection of botanical portraits so watch this space!

She debuted new work and her first limited edition print run at a Studio Home ART HOUSE group show in December 2018 and has gone one to present her first solo show; “Canterbury Tales”, launched in May 2019.

For all available work please visit Studio Home ART HOUSE

For all commercial, media and business enquiries please contact
Julia Atkinson-Dunn / Studio Home
027 265 6216

For direct enquiries and commissions please contact
Harriet Millar
021 371 012

Harriet works from a beautiful loft studio in the Christchurch Arts Center, New Zealand